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Emby latest versions: multi version videos cannot share trailers.


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In emby stable version, when the trailer is filtered as no, emby thinks that there is no trailer for the second multi version video. I don't know whether it is because each video has NFO.

Can subsequent versions fix the problem that multiple versions of videos cannot share a trailer.

My local video directory is:

  • /Video
  •   /trailers/trailer. mp4
  •   /Video-1. mkv
  •   /Video-1. nfo
  •   /Video-2. mp4
  •   /Video-2. nfo
  •   /poster. jpg
  •   /fanart. jpg
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17 minutes ago, Luke said:

@Happy2Play are you able to reproduce?

Yes as trailer is assigned to one item in the group even though it will play for either.

Specific test on 17 Again


Trailer filter to Yes show 1080p version


Trailer set to no show 2160p version


steps taken

Apply filter and select edit metadata on the item to see which version you are looking at.

Database shows the ownerid is the 1080p version.

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