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"Memories" notification for app


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Good morning,
I know that the heart of Emby is not the management of personal photos and videos, however I would like to propose a feature and explain why I propose it.

When google photos turned off the possibility of having free unlimited storage space for backing up photos and videos, users looked for an alternative on the net that would take into account:
1) automatic backup from pc and smartphone;
2) large space available;
3) advanced features for memories.

Other actors at this point have taken over the undisputed Google, including Amazon, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive etc ... Almost all paid and with limited storage space.

I believe that Emby can fully satisfy these characteristics as points 1) and 2) are already satisfied.
Point 1) already exists.
Point 2) already exists and is better than cloud services as it is not linked to a space who knows which server, but to a self-managed space owned by it.

What is missing is point 3). Some would say that you can do without, but I assure you that those notifications that arrive in the smartphone that tell you for example: "look at this memory of 5 years ago" showing you photos and videos shot at that time are really nice.

Emby already has its smartphone application and I think it can send this notification, everything is in configuring the notification algorithm well (example: send notification as a "memory" only if there are 3 or more photos and videos archived with the date of acquisition closer than 30 minutes). By doing so, the notifications of real "memories" should arrive, identifying vacation days or moments of real importance.
When you click on the notification, the app will show the photos and videos of the whole day.

I repeat, I know that we are a little out of the essence of Emby, but I think it can be useful to many.

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Hi.  This sounds like a great idea for a plug-in.

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