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Problem with srt Subtitles since 1.0.35


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Hi emby team,

first of all thank you very much for the updates of the LG Emby App ūüėȬ†The app is developing really nice!¬†

I found a new bug in Version 1.0.35 regarding to subtitle format srt on LG TVs.

Normally when selecting srt subtitles a background process is starting, converting srt into a vtt file and storing this into the emby subtitle cache.
This is running in background and takes from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the movie file size... so that you normally don't mention it when watching a movie.

Now with 1.0.35 the movie/series episode isn't starting to play until the background task (SubtitleEncoder: ProcessRun 'ffmpeg-subtitle_extract') has finished.
It just shows a black screen until the SubtitleEncoder has finished. 
But ONLY when selecting the srt subtitles from movie/series main screen before pressing Play!
I tested this behavior on all three of my LG TVs (different models)

Workaround: Start the movie by pressing play and then select the desired srt subtitle from the OSD. This still works as designed.

Maybe you can check an fix this in an upcoming version of the emby LG TV App?!

Thanx and greets



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Hi there, let's look at an example:


Thanks !

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Posted (edited)

Hi Luke,

sorry that it took a while to answer.
Here's the requested logfile.
There is nothing special to see in the logfile beside the timestamps
1. I started the movie 00:00:39.031
2. The subtitle encoder started 00:00:39.418
3. The subtitle encoder finished 00:01:42.705
4. I stopped playback of the movie 00:02:44.941 after the movie played about 1 minute ->  Stopped at 61154 ms
So you can see after I started playback the tv screen went black from 00:00:39.418 to 00:01:42.705 (during subtitle encoder was running)
and at 00:01:42.705 when the subtitle encoder finished the movie started to play about one minute til 00:02:44.941.

This behavior for srt subtitles is new in 1.0.35. With 1.0.33 and the former versions this worked without any problems.

As I already wrote the workaround is to start the movie without selecting srt subtitles at the movie screen and then activate the srt subs from the OSD when the movie is already playing.
doing so the movie continues playing while the subtitle encoder is working in background (as it should be) ūüėČ


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