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Got Emby working on PS5 (kind of)


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So when I saw there was a Plex app and no Emby one for PS5 I was quite sad. To add to this, its been years since release and PS5 still doesn't seem to have DLNA?

Not to be perturbed by this I had a poke around last night, and got it to connect to my local drive, kind of.

Basically you have to:

  1. Press the Playstation button on your controller, go to gamebase and click on a friend in your list.
  2. Send a message of a URL link, pressing send will then have the link appear in chat as clickable (eg typing www.google.com), clicking on it will open google in a lite PS5 browser.
    1. Instead you'll want to open your local IP instead (or you can use emby connect which makes this process so much easier using the https://tv.emby.media/?), I couldn't get it to work with my local IP addresses i use (//192.168.x.x:xxxx) so instead I created a website on netlify with a link to my local IP instead
    2. I then navigated to my site (typing it in chat and clicking on it to appear) went to my site, clicked on the link to open my local Emby area.
  3. This finally got me into Emby! Woo, I then logged in as per normal, and went to my media and played some movies/shows.


It seems to run better then I expected to be honest, I think thats because Emby feels fairly feature full and yet light weight as well which is great. Unfortunately video stops loading more after 4 or  5 minutes, but as I can exit out then jump back in it gets it back to playing again exactly where I left off which was great!

Navigation is great from an Emby side, but not a PS side, its easier to use the DPAD to move around, but clicking (x) only works where the cursor is, so will have to navigate in tandem. Also no full screen which is the obvious bummer.

In saying that, I was happy to see it kind of working.

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Hi, that's very cool. Thanks for sharing.

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