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Navigating to Top of "Episode" info Page Sometimes Impossible


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When I'm in an episode info page, sometimes it is impossible to reach the top of the page using the up/dpwn/left/right keys. It typically gets stuck on the subtitles button. No amount of coercion with my remote will move onto any of the clickable areas above that point. It seems to happen mostly on tv series that use an image for the series rather than text. In such cases, I can't navigate to the series logo at the top of the information section nor can I reach the search or user buttons at the very top-right. There are navigational workarounds to reach other sections by either exiting the episode page or by entering the settings menu (ellipsis), but both of these methods are pretty annoying when I know that I should be able to move up the page as I used to in the past.

Emby Theater client, Windows 10, remote control

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