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We have discovered a potential vulnerability that has been exploited on some Emby systems. If your server has shut down and will not start again, it is possible that your server has been affected by this.

Emby can't see any media


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I'm running an Emby server via Docker/Portainer on a raspberry pi. Emby can't seem to find the media.

I have two library folders, one for movies and one for TV. The TV folder is located at ~/sdaMnt/Emby/TV and the Movies folder at ~/TestFolder/Movies




Both locations actually have media on the pi inside the appropriate subfolders

ethan@gserv:~ $ ls sdaMnt/Emby/TV/Serial\ Experiments\ Lain/ && ls TestFolder/Movies/Burn\ After\ Reading\ \(2008\)/

'Layer 02 - Girls.mkv'  'Layer 06 - Kids.mkv'  'Layer 08 - Rumors.mkv'  'Layer 09 - Protocol.mkv'

Both locations are in the docker-compose

version: "2.3"
    image: emby/embyserver_arm32v7
    container_name: embyserver
    runtime: nvidia # Expose NVIDIA GPUs
    network_mode: host # Enable DLNA and Wake-on-Lan
      - UID=1000 # The UID to run emby as (default: 2)
      - GID=100 # The GID to run emby as (default 2)
      - GIDLIST=100 # A comma-separated list of additional GIDs to run emby as (default: 2)
      - /path/to/programdata:/config # Configuration directory
      - /path/to/tvshows:/home/ethan/sdaMnt/Emby/TV # Media directory
      - /path/to/movies:/home/ethan/TestFolder/Movies # Media directory
      - 8096:8096 # HTTP port
      - 8920:8920 # HTTPS port
      - /dev/dri:/dev/dri # VAAPI/NVDEC/NVENC render nodes
      - /dev/vchiq:/dev/vchiq # MMAL/OMX on Raspberry Pi
    restart: unless-stopped

and the file / folder permissions all seem fine, the server should have read access to the folders

ethan@gserv:~ $ls -l ~/sdaMnt/Emby && ls -l ~/TestFolder

total 8
drwxr-xr-x 3 ethan root 4096 Apr 16 18:01 Movies
drwxr-xr-x 3 ethan root 4096 Apr 16 16:44 TV
total 4
drwxr-xr-x 3 ethan ethan 4096 Apr 16 17:41 Movies


ethan@gserv:~ $ ls -l ~/sdaMnt/Emby/TV && ls -l ~/TestFolder/Movies

total 4
drwxr-xr-x 2 ethan ethan 4096 Apr 16 16:54 'Serial Experiments Lain'
total 4
drwxr-xr-x 2 ethan ethan 4096 Apr 16 17:41 'Burn After Reading (2008)'

So far I've tried

- Using the 'Scan Library Files' button inside the emby dashboard

- Restarting the emby server and the docker container

- Changing the file locations (That's why movies are at ~/TestFolder/Movies. I wanted to see if the problem had something to do with using an external drive)

A copy of my log right after restarting the server is attached  embyserver.txt



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Sorry to hear you're having trouble.

No expert, as the following will prove, but I installed basic pi image, mounted an external HDD,  installed samba,  shared folders in the HDD,  so I could load files from Windows over network, then installed envy, pointed each library to each folder. It works really well.

Maybe no help, as I've no idea what portainer and docker are... 

Good luck

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Visited 192.xxx.xxx.xxx:8096, logged in as an admin, clicked  setup cog icon. Presumably you have a user setup as this already hopefully not with the name of "admin"

on far left, it has as headings home button, my name, envy web,  SERVER and advanced

under SERVER, clicked LIBRARY, then top middle, second line down it says I've 17 libraries ,  + new library, rescan libraries

when I click "+ new library" i tend to always go movies or TV shows, change display names to eg films2022.

Hit the plus sign beside folders and browse through ru4 Fuller's until you get what you want. I mentioned I had mounted my external drives - so originally I created a folder called MEDIA , then subfolders under that called USBHDD01, USBHDD02, USBHDD03, and mounted it's hard drive to each of those subfolders. So in emby now if I scroll down far enough I see /media/USBHDD01

Clicking the arrow beside this folder will show me the sub folders of my hard drive which code for instance old films, classic films, comedy, films 2021, films 2022.

Other hard drives would have different sub folders for comedy sci-fi zombie etc

So finally you can hit the ok button and that fuller will appear on the left where you previously clicked the plus side to side folders there's a minute beside it in case you mess it up. You can add more folders personally I don't. As you can see a match the library name with the first subfolder on hard drive

Then click ok at the very bottom and you will see the side scan libraries it has a green progress bar going from down to 100%

I've just been completing all the steps as I have been typing. 














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Admittedly I haven't read all of the details above but to add my 2 cents. I get a similar problem if permissions are set incorrectly on the share or the folder. I get caught out because the host can browse the share but the server can not. Check by try viewing or browsing a sub folder when adding to the library.

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@LukeSorry, forgot to update the thread. I ended up just using the emby server app on a different computer to avoid the problem, so I'm not sure what the issue was.

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Hi, can you please try the latest release of the app and server and let us know how that compares? Thanks !

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