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FR: Server - New TV Shows Added To 'Suggested/Next Up'


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I am a convert to 'next up'. It is my goto view for tv watching.

When a new show is added to the system I suggest there is a case for it being added to 'next up'.


Primary reason - if I have gone to the trouble of adding a new show, there is a strong (albeit not certain) probability that I want to watch it.


when adding a new show the use cases might be.


A new show has started and episode 1 or perhaps 1 and 2 has been added to collection.

A whole new series has been added to the collection


In both cases the user may well want s01e01 of new show on next up.

But would not want such cases to take priority over shows currently being watched.

In terms of priority for the next up view of course shows that have been watched should take priority, then the new show cases above.


I note that when season1 is watched of a show that only has 1 season on the collection. Mb3 cleverly adds S02e01 to 'next up' when the show starts up again say the following year. Ie the show was put into a 'dormant state' ready to be revitalilsed.

Could this 'dormant state' be the default state for all unadded shows, so when they are added S01E01 of new shows appears on 'next up'.


mb3 would need to guard against 10s of new shows being added and wiping out the next up view, using the priority logic above.


presumably mb3 can tell the difference between a previously watched show that has started up again and a completely new show.


Thanks for considering.

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