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What is the Connection Type? M3U Connection


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I am on Premiere and enjoy all the benefits. Thank you.

I have a question.

I installed Emby to my server (say the IP of the server is and configured it to Live TV with a M3U link (say the IP of the M3U link is

The question is; when I open Emby for Android from my android phone and cast it to the Kodi (Next-gen), what is the connection?

In other words, what is the link of the Kodi (Next-gen) currently process?

Is it the m3u link http ( Or is it the Emby on server connection http (

Thank your for your answers.


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With next-gen plugin you just have to sync the live TV, that's all. No need for additional configuration. -> plugin config menu -> sync -> manage libraries -> sync livetv

Do you really need the (api) calls? In debug mode you can review them in the kodi.log.

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