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Anything New (Skins)


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I have been using emby from day 1 since the beginning when it was free open source and I still use it for my main and only source for everything media related. Lifetime member because I have no intentions on using any other platform like many others BUT, for the love of god would you please give us the option to use skins other than the ones current if you can even call them a skin. I'm beyond past bored with the look of the UI look, yes it works good and yes we know you're all busy on other things supposedly important but add some skinning support or at the very least an option to allow us users to modify the look. This has gone on way to f'n long users asking for skinning options or a fresh look and years go by and still nothing it's frustrating. Yes I might be coming off a bit harsh but it's 2022 make it happen already.

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