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Coverart & Boxsets

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Hi all,


Coverart seems to be having issue with my boxset collection.  It will effect the image for the folder in the sub folder correctly but it will not change the primary image.  It only does this with my two box set folders. 


I am using CollectionFolder for the primary image treament and it does fine with every folder except boxsets.  I've read other threads about this and tried the suggested fixes, ie removed and re added the collection...went into the root folder and made ensure it was deleted but nothing seem to work.


Is there any other fix for this.



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Ah, I just thought of maybe what you meant.  Are you trying to use the "Collage" treatment on a collection that contains only box sets?  If so, that won't work as box-sets are purposely excluded from the collage treatment because you would end up with multiples upon multiples and it was decided this just looked bad - especially when combined with normal covers.

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ah.. so i think this explains my issue... i have a collection that is only my boxsets as i like to have a different view and sort options for them in mbc than to have them mixed in with my movies vf...


so if i want the other vfs/collections to use the "Collage" treatment, should i set the image for just collection manually and let the CA treatments keep the others up to date?


edit: i've gone ahead and done this.. what size are you generating for these images so i can get a better match than this?





EDIT:  400x600 i see it.. thanks!

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This is what I mean  I use these on my collections display for MBclassic also...but the treatment won't work on boxsets...its not called collage its called DiamondDics in coverart.

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Any multi-treatment is going to not work on a collection of only box sets because we exclude them from the child images.  It would look really weird to have partial box-set multi-images on those discs.


I might be able to come up with some other solution in the future but, for now, ignoring them was the best option.

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Ok got it...I understand I was hoping it wasn't something with my collection.


Thanks EBR,  for now I'll use something else.

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