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Android TV: How about a left bar with librairie choices?


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I was wondering if it would be possible to implement a left bar with the differents librairies choices like it is in the web client and Emby Theater?

I anderstand that in the Android mobile client there is less need for it since this is a vertical screen, but in the Android TV app used in 16/9 screens this has a rightfull sense.

The going back button on the remote could give acces to the left bar instead of giving the choice to leave Emby, it will feel much more natural. 
Alsot, it can give us the choice of changing the librairie and still see the librairie raw we are watching instead of the same top raw.

In 16/9 screen it is really important to give acces to as many options as possible on the sides of the screen because while the eyes are focusing in the middle of the screen, processing the posters choices , so the most important choices (display from the bottom to the top)  what is optional like changing to new librairie on the left side and letters on the right side is natural acces for the eyes.


I hope I was clear enough to be anderstood :) 

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