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Folder picture file not being automatically used as emblem


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I organise my music in composer/genre/composition order on the hard disk. So, I might have Beethoven/Symphonic/Symphony No. 5. I have a picture of Beethoven in the Beethoven folder. I have an 'emblem' or icon for 'symphonic' in the Symphonic subfolder (a simple Symphonic.jpg showing a clipart conductor, meant to imply 'symphonic' as a general genre).

When I browse my music collection in Emby using the Folders view, the artwork for Beethoven automatically appears as the 'icon' or emblem for Beethoven. If I click that, I expect to see 'Symphony' -and I do, but it's displaying the artwork for one of the albums within the Symphonic folder, not the Symphonic.jpg artwork.

I can, of course, edit the images associated with each genre folder: delete the album artwork it's decided to use; then drag-and-drop the correct 'genre icon' to use instead; click Upload... and so on. But we're talking 600 composers and maybe 12 genres per composer! Is there a way to force Emby into using the JPG it finds in a 'genre folder' instead of having to manually adjust what artwork it's displaying at that point.

I attach two screenshots, showing you what Emby does automatically, and what I'd like it to do! A third shows the albums you see when you click into one of the 'genres' displayed in the previous screenshot, which is all fine. I just don't want specific album art being displayed as the generic 'genre' icon, and want a way of setting the generic genre icons/emblems without having to manually alter it per-composer if at all possible.






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I shall answer my own question.

If you do a full Scheduled Tasks -> Scan media library after you arrange for the orchestra.jpg to be in every orchestra sub-folder; and every quartet.jpg in every quartet sub-folder, and so on; then Emby *will* pick up the presence of those 'artwork jpegs' and will display them as the emblem for each corresponding item in the Folders view. 

I didn't think it was doing that, because I don't think I allowed the full media re-scan to complete before checking (I thought I had, but I guess I didn't really!). Several hours later, though, and every composer folder leads on to a correctly-icon'd genre subfolder, and Emby looks fine once more! If I could delete the original question, I would have done so. Apologies for posting too quickly!

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