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live tv m3u emby only stream 480p


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hello friends.

i have a iptv provider that provides m3u8/m3u playlist. this playlist has recursive playlists to other playlists. it is quite huge, everything is working fine with my m3u samsung tv iptv app (not emby). most of the channels are in 1080 p or 720 p. But as i like to test everything i tested the live feature inside emby tizen app :) i added the playlist in my emby server. every  thing is working fine in emby except emby makes me mad, emby choose only 480p worst streams.

after investigation arriving at the end of the parse tree.



emby always choose the first one of each stream (first line), instead of analysing the "bandwidth" value....



is there a way to force emby server to choose 1080p or 720 p steam in live tv ? kodi or vlc are choosing for exemple the best available stream :(




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Hi, yes this is happening within ffmpeg. We're looking into improving it. Thanks.

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