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Backdrop Screensaver Improvements


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I think that backdrop screensaver is a great feature but needs some improvements mainly more config options, some of this were posted already in a feature request to have an AndroidTV independent screensaver app, but i think that this could be great additions to the core Backdrop Screensaver as well, so i hope this takes a little bit of more attention that the AndroidTV one, options like:

  • Option to ignore libraries so its possible for example to ignore music (artist) backdrops or Series backdrops.
  • Rating filter independent of user rating limit so i can left my user screensaver running without worrying about some backdrops showing.
  • Move the text with the tittle of the movie/show to different corners every 2-3 backdrops (to avoid burn in).
  • Chose the color of the font with the tittle of the movie/show or take the same config as the Subtitles settings of the user.
  • Option to show clock.
  • More transition effects.
  • A way to set the idle time before the screen saver shows.

Those are the ones that comes to my head at this moment.

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