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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to leave Plex because of the atrocious DVR and i installed Emby on my server and on a RPi3. Works but the CEC support seems quite patchy and I found myself stuck in setup screens with the back or exit buttons not working. Is this a known issue or am i doing something incorrectly?

I could use a Flirc but since CEC is enabled in the client i was going to use that same as i do with Plex.

Thanks, Ian

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CEC support seems quite patchy

Hi there, can you please describe this in more detail with a specific example? Thanks.

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Thanks for your answer Luke. 

I reimaged the client on a Sandisk 16GB SD, had to reboot twice to get it to pick up the server. Once in, I navigated to the user icon then to application settings using the HDMI-CEC remote. Once on that screen I coundn't enter app settings or server settings, nor could I exit either with the remote key or by selecting the icon on the screen. Server 3.0.15. The issue is reproducible.



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