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Wich add-on to choose? EmbyCon and so on......


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I have some questions about what to choose from; EmbyCon, Emby for Kodi, Emby next Gen or Kodi MediaImport.

I have changed over to Emby from Plex this christmas, Emby looks great and think it works good. Not bught
Premiere yet, not before I know things work as they should.

My questions and needs are as follows:

1: I would like to create playlist in Emby web, and the should work in Kodi. (smart og not)
2: Would be great the other way to, but that I havent read anything about?
3: Watched status etc should go from Kodi to Emby and Emby to Kodi, and resume status.
4: Simple to set up, Plex just worked I think, in the setup. 🙂
5: If I add, change or move movies/series Emby send the new info to Kodi, in reasinoble time.
6: Thinks #Direct play" may be the best locally, because of the server capasity.

What tot choose?

Emby for Kodi, says it is not supported any more in the "Current Status of all Kodi add-ons",
but if I searched the forums, I found "Emby for Kodi (next-gen)" that seems to still be
under work and taken care of. 

And "Kodi MediaImport" should be very fast. But is that then just an fast version of something else?

At this point I use "Emby Next Gen", seems to work. A little messi to find where the playlist was hiding,
but found at last 🙂

What will You use?

Main player: nVidia Shield TV (2015), Kodi (stable)
Server: Qnap TS-469 Pro
Network: Giga

If more info is needed, pleast tell me 🙂


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Hi, Emby Next Gen is the new version of Emby for Kodi, and yes that is still supported.

Use EmbyCon if you want to just install, browse and play in a very simple way.

Use Emby Next Gen if you want greater integration with Kodi features and don't mind the increased complexity that comes with it, such as some occasional manual management of the database sync process that it requires.

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Hi and thanks for the answer. 

Think I'll stay with the Emby Next Gen then. Looks like it works. 

But I can't seem to find any info about the occasional database sync You mention. 


And as I'm here asking, I can't stop wondering about the difference of Emby Next Gen VS Embyforkodi (next-gen) 6.X.X. Is it the same, but Emby Next Gen is the stable release as it is now. It is the same developer as far as I can see (@quickmic).

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embyforkodi next-gen 5.x was the first major release after I took over from embyforkodi 4.x and is still the current stable version.

embyforkodi next-gen 6.x is currently in beta will be the next stable release. It includes countless improvements but it also requires a a complete database resync.

The complete changelog can be found here:




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