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Get to mediaitem details from playlist


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Its currently not possible for the operator to get to the item (episode) details page from a playlist.


  • The show and episode are not a hyperlinks
  • The [red pencilled] box to the right of the picture is not a link to the [episode[ details page ala  season page
  • the command menu doesnt have 'view object'.

one of these would be welcome.


i guess for touch screens (whilst there is no actual play icon taking up space) its positive that 'play'   be the default action across the entire horizontal real estate for playlists (and albums). on the web client the play button overlay on hover makes it obvious where 'play is'


perhaps this shows a challenge between 'designed for simple consumption' vs  'designed for advanced navigation/management'



its perhaps a bit unfair expecting advanced navigation from a playlist...but currently playlists are imo the mostly functional container to manage via the API.


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