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Disable Camera Upload feature on Emby Server by default


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I have a separate topic created in "General discussion" board, but I think it is a missing feature for Emby Server. Therefore, I am posting this feature request here, with a reference to my original topic.


The reason I want to ask for this feature is that: this Camera Upload feature is currently enabled and opened for any users by default. And its default upload path is somewhere on internal storage. Any user who has access to my private Emby Media Server can use their android mobile emby app to trigger a massive camera media files upload and eventually flood my Emby hosting machine. I don't see any button or checkbox to let me disable the Camera Upload feature, even I leave everything as it is from the fresh installation, the feature is on already.

I want this feature to be disabled out-of-box, and I do want to have a control for each user account so I can decide who can use the Camera Upload and who cannot.



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