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Kodi expert settings for Emby nextgen


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Hey everyone,

Is there a best practices kb for Kodi with expert settings when using emby nextgen plugin?

At a minimum when I do a new install I enable the show box sets. However I was wondering if there are other settings that could be tweaked or turned off? Things like "download actor pictures" or "extract chapter thumbnails". I was thinking stuff like this is not needed for Kodi to do since it's being fed everything from the emby server? 🤔

Regards, ®ich

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Well there is not really anything to be tweaked. Only thing you can try is artwork caching, but this will not add features. It just makes Kodi a bit more snappy. Recommended for accessing Emby-server via Internet.

Artwork, Chapters etc are all automatically synced in beta versions (6.x) which I recommend. It's close to be declared as stable.

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