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problem with multi-file movie


Go to solution Solved by Luke,

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This is in regards to server/web client (dashboard)

I have two folders in my movies collection which have multi file movies.

One is "lonesome dove", it displays just fine in the web client. Its folder contains the backdrops, poster, movie.xml and two other folders containing dvd rips. (the two sub folders are named "Lonesome dove disc 1, and Lonesome dove disc 2. They do not contain any backdrops, xml, etc.)

The other movie is "Hatfields and McCoys". It does not display anything (see below). It does not show the backdrop, the poster, or any info from the movie.xml. Yet it is set up just like the fore mentioned movie, with the exception that the sub folders each contain a single mp4 file rather than a dvd rip). I clicked the "edit" button for this movie and saw that its "display type" was folder, rather than movie or dvd like other movie folders so I changed it to movie but its still a no show.

I even went so far as to delete my database and rebuild it to no avail.

can anyone give me some pointers on fixing this?

Oh, and deleting/rebuilding my database actually incurred another problem. Now when I go into the "people" tab NONE of my people images show up, its just a bunch of the generic images as if I did not have any images. I changed NO settings, and the studio & genre images show up fine. what the heck is going on???



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Oh Duh! (slap self)

sub folders in the movie folder make sense IF they are dvds, NOT for mkv's, mpg's, etc.

looks beautimous now, thanks again Luke !


Since your here, do you know what might be going on with my IBN? all the people images showed up fine until I deleted/rebuilt the database. Now its if there are no images in the IBN.

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