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Issue with Watch Status


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OK, I'm having some problems.  I'm not seeing all the images in Kodi (Xonfluence skin(Confluence clone)).  EG If I select info for an episode I don't see the jpg (or ?) of the episode.  All the info is there, just not the image.  Also I can watch a video (all or partial) on one client and the other clients (all Libreelec) don't see that it was watched fully or partially.    Watched status prior to the migration is correct.

All my media is on a NAS.  Each type (EG TV Shows) has a separate share.  All are mounted onto the Emby Server OS on boot (fstab).  I'm using NFS for sharing and access - clients access directly to the share.  I've tested the mounted shares from the emby server OS and I can browse and make changes to files on the NAS via the share mount.    Clients and server IP subnet is set to allow on the NAS NFS shares.   I can SSH into the client and mount one of the NFS shares manually and browse/edit files on it.

Attached is the client log - look for House.  I see an error but not sure exactly what it is saying.  I'm using the same user in the client as before the migration - embysrv.    

On the clients I changed the server name and IP to match the new server.  However I see in the log that it is still trying to access the old server (backup0).  How do I fix that?  Attached is the plugin.video.emby folder from one of the clients.  data.json is pointing to the old server but has nothing for the new server.  settings.xml looks to be correct for the new server.  Emby Server is no longer running on backup0 (Synology NAS).

log-2021-12-01-15.59.46.zip plugin.video.emby.zip

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I see you are using emby for kodi 4.X version. Can you please upgrade to next-gen BETA version and try again? Probably take a full Kodi backup first. Next-gen requires a complete Kodi database resync.

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