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Access Media Browser on Kindle Fire


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I am trying to access my library on my Kindle Fire. I want to access the http://localhost:......web/index.html page with all the visual elements. 


I attempted to access the URL on my Kindle & I received an error message stating:

Webpage not available

The webpage at http://localhost:......web/index.html could not be loaded because:

The server refused the connection.



I wasn't sure if I was missing something.

All help is appreciated.

Thanks. :)

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open a command prompt. (Win key + R.  Then type cmd in the dialog box). Once the command window is open, type ipconfig. The window will display several network adapters. Ignore any that are labelled Tunnel adapter. Your looking for the IPv4 address. put that value in place of localhost and you should be OK. 

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I got

I entered it into Chrome.

I got a directory of everything that would be displayed. Index of / ....


Is there any way that I can load up the actual web user interface?  

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It worked!

Thank you so much!


Now if only there was a way to transcode it so that my huge files, meant for a large TV, would load quickly in a small browser.

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