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Direct access to file info and disk directory


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It would be helpful to have easy click-access to the disk directory and file information for individual music files. It would be good to add to the right-click or long-press pop-up menu:

1. ability to see full file path and filename

2. ability to "Open File Explorer at File Directory" (using the device/OS own functions, of course - just a trigger), which would enable the ability to open other files in that directory - example: I have track listing for mixes, etc., and it would also be nice to easily see what other cover jpgs, PDF booklets, and other files are in a track's directory 

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ability to "Open File Explorer at File Directory"

I don't think we'll be doing this because it would only be possible on the server machine.

But for the ability to see the full info, yes that is doable.

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Re-post of my suggestion for a compromise solution in a related request thread:

In earlier days, this could have been as easy as adding a "file:///" link to a folder, but those kinds of interactions have all been eliminated for security reasons.

There are still ways to achieve this, but none of them would be "non-difficult". There's always some kind of additional app installation procedure required at least.
I had thought about a feature like this myself a while ago. My conclusion was that it would already be a great help when there would be like two buttons next to a media file's path for:

  • Copy folder path
  • Copy file path

Then you would only need to click the "Copy folder path" button, then WIN+E and paste the path + ENTER.

It's less convenient than direct opening of the folder, but also a much smaller and less invasive effort in developing the feature.

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