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Time-shifted playback (Playback of Active recording) Skipping forward?


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My Emby setup is as follows:

HD HomeRun Prime

Win10 PC Emby Server, Premiere, using native Emby LiveTV Setup & Guide data.

Client Playback on Xbox One S, using the Emby App for Xbox.

All devices are on the local network with wired connections.

During playback of an active recording, i.e. catching up on a football game after it's started, skip forward does not work.  It is unreliable.  Usually, pressing the skip button causes the show to catch up to Live TV (spoils the score), or sometimes fails completely.

Stats for Nerds on playback indicates that the Play method is "DirectStream".  Playback quality is "Auto 720p-10 Mbps".

Browsing some posts on this forum indicate that I might have better luck if I force transcoding in this situation, but I can't find where I would do so.  Do I just need to lower the Playback quality?  Some posts indicate that I could turn off the "Direct Play Live TV" Setting, but I can't find that (maybe only for certain clients).

Any guidance here would be appreciated.  Would love to be able to reliably playback time-shifted recordings.


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What does seem to help a lot is using SSDs for both the transcoding directory and DVR.
Even then the FF is a bit slow but works. We're looking at some things that can improve this.

This past Sunday on my Synology 920+ I was recording 6 NFL games watching back 2 games and was able to FF over commercials.  I have that NAS setup using read/write SSD caching on the storage pool using two 1 GB  nvme sticks.  Before I added the read/write cache I was not able to record a single game and watch it back without getting frustrated as the FF would work but could take a while negating the use of it. It could sometimes take longer than 30 seconds to catch up when skipping a 30 second commercial. 

If you want to try forcing a transcode you should be able to click the cog icon in the OSD (playback window) selecting the quality menu.  You can then choose a resolution/bitrate.
From the same cog menu there is also Stats for Nerds which brings up an overlay.  You can see what bitrate is currently used that way to make it easier to figure out what will be slightly lower to force the transcode.

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