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Can't get Emby to work on my Synology DS418?


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Hi, I am a newbie so please be gentle.

I am trying to set up emby on my Synology DS418 with very little success.

emby is not in the package centre on my DS418 so I downloaded the ARMv8 (x18 Series)

from the emby website and manually installed it on my Synology.

I have not been able to get it to run.

It is listed as an installed item on the main menu but when I click on it I get this message:

This site can’t be reached refused to connect.




I would really welcome a step by step, plain and simple (I stress the word “simple”) jargon-free explanation as to what the problem might be.

I figured it might be some settings on my Synology?

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While it's most likely you got the correct package, let's spend a minute and verify which exact CPU your NAS has because Synology has 3 different NAS boxes with "DS418" in the name.

Go to control panel in DSM and bring up the System Info menu. Which exact CPU does it show?
Realtek RTD1293 = (armv8)
Realtek RTD1296 = (armv8)
Intel Celeron J3355 = (x64)
You can always lookup which package to use based on that info or specific model here: https://github.com/SynoCommunity/spksrc/wiki/Architecture-per-Synology-model

As @FrostByte already asked, which DSM version are you currently on?

Can you go to package center and open Emby by clicking on the box (not the link) to get this screen.

Take a screenshot for us. Of course if Emby Server isn't running click the RUN button to start it.

Past this point we will need the actual Emby Server log file which we can tell you how to get to but it depends on the version of DSM you have.
Also let us know if you are comfortable working in SSH/terminal or if you need a GUID to use.


PS, if you want a quick hand with this shoot me a PM and I can do a remote session with you and help you get this sorted out quickly.

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Once you have upgraded to DSM 7 you should see version 4.6.4 in Package Center.

Let us know how it goes and if you need anything else.

And of course cayars can remote into your NAS if you still wish later

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Hi Everyone,

I upgraded to DSM 7 and I am now able to get emby to work on my Synology DS418.

A big thanks to everyone for their input



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