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Emby Server 4.6.6 Released


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A new release of Emby Server is currently rolling out, and this is largely a bug fix maintenance release while we work on new features for future updates. Here is the list of improvements and issues resolved:


  • Fix outgoing SSL errors on some Linux distros
  • Fix android server database errors on deletion
  • Fix android server ffmpeg errors on android 11
  • Fix android server SSL errors with fanart.tv
  • Fix QuickSync HW overlay with tone mapping
  • Fixes for Apple TV top shelf content 
  • Fix cbr books sending wrong mime type
  • Fix transcoding throttling not occurring with Chromecast
  • Fix classic image series extraction
  • Fix music album parsing error when album name is ()
  • Fix folder images getting replaced when not saving images in media folders
  • Fix identify feature with music videos
  • Fix episodes with season numbers greater than 200
  • Fix scaling of wrong-sized graphical subtitles
  • Fix incorrect hw context indication for D3D11VA decoders
  • Fix artists inheriting genres from albums when they shouldn't
  • Fix detection of video stream vs. embedded image

Other Improvements

  • Add south African ratings
  • Improve camera upload error handling
  • Improve efficiency of real-time monitor
  • Improve DSD audio support over DLNA
  • Allow for higher audio stream copy bitrate
  • Support subs and subtitles folder case-insensitive
  • Update album/song links with Included In section
  • Set subtitle filename when downloading subtitle files to the browser
  • Add Italian ratings
  • Always record episodes when the option to check existing library is not selected
  • Adjust recording image save behavior for series episodes that are sports
  • Don't convert really large images to webp
  • Support audio description and studio from copyright tag
  • Support wm/year and original year tags
  • Improve same subnet detection
  • Add paths to log file for reference
  • Allow deleting albums and artists
  • Avoid resetting real-time monitor to parent folder when possible
  • Improve series grouping in mixed content
  • Remove rejection of large camera uploads to allow any file size
  • Support .mid audio files
  • Support sort_with embedded sort title for videos
  • Prevent split button on missing episode detail screen

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