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Issues with the tv songs plug-in


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Went to the website bought the bundle never got a license and nothing is working.


I PM the Developer no response. How do I get my money back 

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First off - single topic would have been enough.

Second, I hardly think you were scammed as both the Dev and the plugin (amongst others from the same Dev) are well known around the Community, I'm personally using three of those (including TV Show Themes). 

You can post on official plugin thread:

Also, I would just be patient a bit, you should eventually receive reply on your PM as well. 

Additionaly, you can send an email to:


And do check your Spam folder first. 


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Thanks @GrimReaper!

I got a pm from @Kyrunner at 5am this morning. I'm away this weekend visiting family so not as fast on the reply as normal. Not sure that I'm ok with being called a scammer and not sure the 8 hours delay in replying warrants that either🤔.


kyrunner, check your PM's for further insight into what to do. 

Again, I'm away visiting family so please accept my apologies for not replying as fast as normal.


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