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Live TV interface to set-top boxes


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With Sling TV ending in a year, I'm using Emby in combination with NextPVR to replace Sling.

Using the two apps tougher is not extremely efficient.

Emby does a great job of viewing the channel URLs.   If channel change could call an external executable while changing the channel, then we could use USBUIRTSend to control STBs.  Eliminating the need for NExtPVR at the same time.   I modified USBUirtSend for USB-UIRT IR Transceiver to handle the channel changes for newer boxes.  If you'll add this feature, I'd be willing to place a topic on here with the source code and an end to end tutorial.


I would suggest putting the settings in the channel properties.  If you could and a field to allow browsing to the exe on the hard drive and an arguments field to send the arguments for the executable.



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