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Mixing Stable/Beta


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Hi all

I have been waiting and hoping for a new stable to drop, based on the fixes/features of 6.x (some of which I really need in my setup), and figured I could switch some over to the beta.  I have a number of Kodi devices around my home connecting to Emby and wanted to see if it will cause any issues having different versions of this plugin running on different devices so I can test...or should I be using the same version everywhere?

Also, does moving to beta need a full db empty and resync on each device where beta is installed?
Many thanks in advance.

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Sure, you can use different versions on your devices.

As you mentioned, the 6.x version requires a Kodi DB rebuild (on each device), yes.

So you cannot easily switch back and forth without a full resync. Probably you should take a (full) Kodi backup.


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