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Execute Siri/Alexa/Google Assistant command inside *.disc stub file


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I have (non?)standard usecase for Emby.

I store 1080p movies on my nas, but I also want to have 4k/Atmos/Hdr versions. For those - instead of paying for the storage I can just buy them on iTunes/Google Movies. 

For now i can add a stub file like "Awesomemovie.appleTV.disc" and call it a day, but It would be great if inside this file I could put something like:

Google: Play Awesomemovie on Apple TV


Siri: Play Awesomemovie on Apple Tv

Maybe even multiple for fallback purposes like if there is no Google Assistant try Siri and then Alexa.

This way it - possibly - will work on almost any device :)

How do you think?




Apple is giving a tool which generate a link to the content in that way, that - when executed - it'll open exact file in TV app - no matter if on Android TV/Phone or Iphone if You have TV app installed:


So there are ways to have own private "moviesanywhere" 

For example this will open TV app with Hercules from 1996: https://tv.apple.com/movie/hercules/umc.cmc.75ki76zgijhtzk3xpx27jbtyq?itsct=tv_box_link&itscg=30200&origin=Ad

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