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Using this add-on with Kodi Matri, and the Embuary skin. Not sure if this is a Next Gen add-on question or a Kodi skin question...

It's about movie extras.

With movies, the Emby Android TV app and the Emby Synology NAS app both show a nice row of movie extras, if you store your movie in its own folder and create a subfolder "extras" for your supplemental video files like making-of documentaries.

I cannot see this in Kodi, however. Is there a way to show this feature?

I know there is an Extras kodi add-on available https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=356731 but it only works using Kodi's native file mode which I am reluctant to switch my setup to, partly because that's not compatible with some Emby features.

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Thanks. I've just tested this feature and it's not working for me. The context menu finds the extras okay, but will not play them. Screenshots attached.



And the Kodi log:


2021-10-31 10:47:41.216 T:3179    ERROR <general>: CCurlFile::FillBuffer - Failed: Server returned nothing (no headers, no data)(52)
2021-10-31 10:47:41.216 T:3179    ERROR <general>: CCurlFile::Open failed with code 0 for http://XX/embyvideoremote-cb0363af2ed54ef7a7a8720b48ee27f7-16760-movie-68386abebc9bf6f754599d7e952a8936-912089-mpeg4-The_Making_Of__Amadeus___2002_.avi:
2021-10-31 10:47:41.217 T:3179    ERROR <general>: CFileCache::Open - <http://XX/embyvideoremote-cb0363af2ed54ef7a7a8720b48ee27f7-16760-movie-68386abebc9bf6f754599d7e952a8936-912089-mpeg4-The_Making_Of__Amadeus___2002_.avi> failed to open
2021-10-31 10:47:41.217 T:3179    ERROR <general>: CVideoPlayer::OpenInputStream - error opening [http://XX/embyvideoremote-cb0363af2ed54ef7a7a8720b48ee27f7-16760-movie-68386abebc9bf6f754599d7e952a8936-912089-mpeg4-The_Making_Of__Amadeus___2002_.avi]



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On 01/11/2021 at 03:19, quickmic said:

You can try this version https://kodi.emby.tv/Public testing/plugin.video.emby-next-gen-6.1.6-build 95 (ex9).zip

Be careful, it's an experimental version! Probably take a backup.

Just posting back to let you know the Extras feature now works for me - I'm running version 6.1.9.

Thanks for adding the feature :)

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