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script to rename 'extras' as out of the way 'specials'


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from thread

RenameExtrasAsSpecials v0.0.0.1.zip


  • Prefix "extras" with S00E1000+ to ensure extras show in ui, do not incorrectly match against tvdb and do not clog up "continue watching"


  • Powershell Core / path to pwsh.exe
  • Windows (could be tweaked for other platforms supporting powershell core)
  • minor powershell understanding to tweak to your environment
  • backup of content prior to use and caution as the script renames files and has had very limited testing


  • Copy script to preferred location
  • Edit Path to script in .reg and install .reg
  • tweak script to your preferences / environment, remove wait states post testing


  • Right click folder (Season 00/Specials or below) - choose 'Rename Extras'


issues welcome

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