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xTeve vs. NextPVR and why use NextPVR with Emby?


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Hi all, 

First off, I'm completely new to Emby. I am giving it a trial as I don't like the way Plex handles DVR functionality (reliability and odd quirks) and NextPVR doesn't work well externally. 

My current setup is:

IPTV Provider and EPG Provider feeding into xTeVe. xTeVe maps the m3u to the xml TV guide data. xTeVe is the source for both NextPVR and Plex and I use each of them interchangeably, depending on the use case. 

I was setting up an initial config for Emby and noticed that you can use NextPVR as the backend and my question is why? Are Emby and NextPVR not providing the same service, or am I missing some functionality or use case for NextPVR? I've tried to look up, but all I can find is comparisons for NextPVR vs. Emby for their actual PVR functionality. 

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nextpvr is typically used when a users tuners are not supported by emby, pcie tuner cards for example. but nextpvr also has a number of other functions that emby pvr does not have. emby is looking to close this gap with a future promised nextgen tv.

personally i use both dvbviewer (similar to nextpvr to support my pcie tuner cards) and an iptv sub to feed xteve, map the guide data there and feed it all to emby

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It's not just tuners, capture device or EPG support.  For me the most important is NextPVR offers comskip on it's Windows, Roku and Android clients, and via Kodi.   Kodi support is especially important factor especially if you want a SBC computer playback support from LibreElec, CoreElec and OSMC.   I find the 10' PVR interface with a full MCE IR remote lacking in comparison.  

While I like the content management in Emby and it looks cool, I rarely need  or look at the limited extended metadata information, Emby, Plex or Kodi offer. 

If your client must be an Emby client this is a non-issue.


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