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MediaBrowser Server as a Service Not Updating?

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I was running version 3.0.5347.22095 of the server installed as a service. I saw the notice and downloaded the latest beta 3.0.5362.41507.


I stopped the server service, ran the setup.exe. Saw it said it was installing the new version 3.0.5362.41507. Waited for it to launch the browser and server app. Then exited the server app and restarted the media browser service.


Problem is when I log into the server web console it says I'm still on the old 3.0.5347.22095 version.



I'm new to MB, so did I do the upgrade for when running mediabrowser as a service incorrectly?



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It's sounds like your procedure is correct.  What it could be is what user is your server service running as?  and did you login to the server with that user to do the install.  

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