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[Issue] Boxsets behaving strangely

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  1. Added the first movie of a Collection
  2. Collection was successfully created on update with the 1 movie in it
    1. I have the kodi option "Show collections with only 1 movie" turned on (if it matters)
  3. Added 3 more movies of this collection and noticed they weren't in the collection
  4. Ran refresh box set option in emby-for-kodi
  5. The 3 movies went into the collection for a total of the 4
  6. Noticed that an old collection consisting of 8 movies was now completely gone. All movies were lying flat in the library.
  7. Reran refresh box set
  8. 8 movie collection was now correct again
  9. 4 movie collection returned to the state described in #3 (first movie in collection, 3 outside).

All of these appear as expected in the emby library. Very strange.

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