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Low picture quality when browsing pictures gallery


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The picture quality when browsing pictures on my TV is very low. Emby app is asking for compression level 40, which should be at least 75. Please check log snippet and example pictures to see the problem. Those four pictures compare display output of Emby app with built-in LG DLNA app which is displaying image as-is, without recompression. Using web client to display images results in compression level 90, which is something I would like to have on my TV as well. Isn't there an possibility to have that configurable in settings menu? There is similar thread from few years ago for Samsung: 

 But based on my observation, it is app-depended and should be handled via LG app update.

TV: LG C9 55"

Emby Client: 1.0.24

Emby Server:

As a side note: the whole recompression thing is ridiculous. I am using NAS with i3-3220 which is perfectly fine for multitude of things (including virtualization of simple OSs), but struggles to display an picture on a device in the same network, because it needs to resize every single image from 12-26mpx to whatever resolution current device is using (8mpx in this example for 3840x2160 TV as I am taking photos mostly in 16:9 aspect ratio). That can create gigabytes of temporary data when browsing 100+ at time, which sometimes is not erased (because Emby for LG TV can crash when browsing a lot of photos). Couldn't the DirectStream equivalent be used for pictuers as well?







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Hi, this will be improved in the next update to the emby LG app. Thanks.

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