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PS4 (Firmware 9.00) requies Login every time again

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Sorry for my bad english, I'm used to write/speak german.
My PS4 got the System-Update to 9.00. So everytime I start (from "Standby", so not complete off) my PS4, I have to connect to my emby--Server again. Everytime I have to put in the adress, port, login-name and password. This also happend, if I pause too long. Oh, and the Browser-Cursor dosn't disappear anymore.
This is very annoying! Is there a "workaround" for these Problems?

And the Time displayed in the emby-PS4-Screen is still 2 hours in the past wrong. The Time, displayed in the PS4 Main-Menu is correct. Timezone is also correct (Europe / Berlin: UTC+1).
At the PC (each Browser) or Amazon-Fire-TV-Stick, the time is correct.
I really miss a real app for the PS4.


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Hi, I haven't seen this happening in my testing. Have you configured anything in the ps4 browser settings to clear browsing data at certain times?

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Hmm, I didn't change anything at my PS4-Browser. I also can't find any setting that could trigger this behavior.
Now I connected a USB-Keyboard to my PS4, because the Adress and Login Data are just too long for typing with the PS4-Gamepad.
My friend also had this Problem with his PS4, but he did a full reset to his PS4-Browser (delets everything in the Browser like Bookmarks, Cookies, etc) and now it's fine again. ... well I tried this too, and it worked.
So I think, the PS4-System-Update messed something up.
(But the Time in the PS4-Emby-Browser-Menu is still 2 Hours wrong ;) )

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