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How To : Reverse proxy EMBY with ADM / SSL certificate


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Hello all, 

If you want to simplify ssl connexion and don't care anymore to renew every 3 months your SSL certificate for emby, you can use reverse proxy like this (i already try to generate it automatically via crontab but i never success to make it work correctly.)


1 - create the reverse proxy locally on your nas and not remotely
2 - be with adm 4.0,  i already try to make it work with 3.5.2 but not working

Go to reverse proxy menu and click on add, and fill it like this, fill your own domain name and choose the port that you want. You can use ez connect or declare your redirection directly on your router


then click "next" 




Fill like below and clck on "test connexion"


now you have your Emby reverse proxy active and working 



Under emby network options you can choose this option "managed by a reverse proxy"

That's all.


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