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Throgsoft Theme Supporter Issue (Vanilla)

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Hey everyone,

I'm having an issue with getting a throgsoft theme, specifically vanilla to register.

I had already purchased it for MB 2.x

I actually think MB3 was in alpha stages when I purchased it, so this wasn't too terribly long ago.

Not to sound like a total cheap-skate, but I don't really have another $10 to dontate at the moment.


I realize we need to be a supporter to MB3 as well as purchase the theme and I have done both at this point.


I've tried linking old keys, I've tried entering legacy keys, but still no luck.

It still says that the trial will expire in 14 days (which by the way reset when I installed the update for MBServer.


Do you guys have any suggestions or could you point me in the right direction?


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Post a screenshot of the supporter key page from the dashboard with both your MB3 key and your MB2 key entered in the proper places and after you hit "Save".

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Well I'll be....

I'm not sure what I was doing wrong but it's working now.

I swear I had tried every combination I could of the 2 codes, but now it shows up as registered under the plugin section.


Thanks for the quick reply and all your work ebr!

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