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Different Transcoding and Conversion encoder settings?


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Hello friends,

I'm recording a ton of live TV these days, and the raw TS files are taking up a ton of space.  I would like to leverage the auto-convert function, but typically have emby set up to leverage HW encode/decode to make live transcoding work best.  For offline conversion I'd prefer to use the software encoder to maximize on space savings.  Is there a way to configure emby to only use hw encoding for on the fly transcoding and not for other encoding tasks?


I'm also open to other suggestions.  I could go through and manually handbrake a bunch of stuff from time to time but I'd rather not....automation (or semi-automation) is ideal!

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Hi, If running on Windows check out MCEBuddy which can watch your recording folder, cut commercials and convert to a HEVC or AVC using software encoding.

A lot of Emby users go this route as it works really well.   The commercial cutting isn't perfect but any commercials it removes is saved storage.

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