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New feature for Music : adding sub-filters


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Could it be possible to add sub-filters for some existing filters on emby.
Example with the filter 'Etiquette' in my library

if I select "opera"




it displays all the songs with this etiquette, by alphabetical order (this is a lot of songs  I would like to sort them by album for a more readable screen .

Could it be sorted like in the filter "Genres" for example ?

Thanks for your help.





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I've seen this request before. that's also interesting.
But I was thinking of something easier perhaps.

When you select an item in the "Genre" filter, the following screen displays content sorted by album instead of songs. It looks more simple.

If it's not possible this wat, perhaps with an addition of a new filter. Here is an example.

In my Library (not totally done yet) an Etiquette 'Musique de Scene' displays 91 items


Severall of them are songs of an unique album (here 5 albums for 91 items). 


Could we imagine to add a item in the sorting list or a filter in the filtering box, to group the songs by album ?




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