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EPG format from xtream-editor.com


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Hi there all, 

I made a subscription on xtream-editor.com site in order to have the EPG from more country and easy edit my channel list. 

The problem is that xtream-editor give me the link of EPG in guide.xml.gz format

so if I put the link in the EPG section is not work 

but if I download it and I uncompres the *.gz in *.xml format and I upload the xml format is work. 


My question is can I make some trick in order to make it work in *.gz format please ? 


Thanks a lot




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You could write a .bat file and run it daily from task manager to create an .xml file for Emby to read some time later.

Unfortunately, the script in that .bat file is beyond my skill set. Others here may be able to assist with that.

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I'm under linux cause I use a Qnap NAS

but also here  I can create a shell script, but I think Emby can understand a *.gz format. 🙂

Anyway if not... I'll study some schedule script.



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Emby cannot understand it. You'll need a script to download the file and then extract it to .xml on a regular schedule. Then you'll need to set Emby to load that .xml at an interval of time afterwards.

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