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HEVC HDR not transcoding/downscaling with hable


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I have many items encoded with 4K HDR10 with a low bitrate.  I also have several TVs that are 1080p.   If I select 1080p4mbps on those sets the Roku direct streams the video and it looks faded.   I have to go all the way down to 720p2mbps for it to transcode and therefore apply the hable table to correct the colour.  It seems like it only takes the bitrate into account (4mbps isn’t low enough to trigger the transcode but is the lowest 1080p bitrate selectable) and not just that I selected 1080p which should be enough?

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Right. Presently the MaxHeight associated to the Resolution is only when transcoding. If the bitrate is high enough the resolution is not checked. You are correct. The Roku supports downscale in hardware on the Roku device itself. It can be sent resolutions larger than the display and the Roku will downscale itself to match your TV. This is why you buy a Roku. Some older Roku do not support downscale. RokuTV under 43 inches do not support downscale. Our device detection handles all that. You just press play.

To get the behavior you are after you only need to press DOWN on the Roku remote while the video is playing to open the On Screen Display. Find the Cog/Gear and click it to open Playback Settings. Inside Playback Settings is the Attempt Playback Correction button. You can press that button multiple times and it will fallback through each playback method.

You do not need to reduce bitrate and affect your playback quality. Just use the Attempt Playback Correction as many times as needed until you get the desired playback. ;)

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Brightscript Debugger> print device.getdisplayproperties()
<Component: roAssociativeArray> =
    DolbyVision: false
    EDID: <Component: roByteArray>
    Hdr10: true
    Hdr10Plus: false
    HdrSeamless: false
    headless: false
    height: 62
    HLG: true
    internal: false
    width: 111

@Luke Does the server have fields in capabilities for DV, HLG, HDRS, HDR10 and HDR10+?

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