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Server keeps stopping constantly

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My server keeps stopping on my NAS. I'm on the very latest version, manually installed and it happened on the previous version and the new one. It's really frustrating. I like Emby a lot. I see a lot of people have had the same issue too. Have you guys managed to narrow down the cause of it at all?


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Hi Sorry for the late reply,

I'm on I think I've resolved the issue though. The App when used through the TerraMaster Store, on an F2-210. Library scan looked like it was just thrashing the Terra's CPU / RAM and it was being stopped. I've moved the server over to the official Emby Docker version. Installed using Docker from the TerraMaster App store and Emby from Dockerhub.

It seems much better performance wise, and so far it hasn't crashed on me at all.

I can only speculate the cause of the constant server stops on the TerraMaster as the system logs on the NAS aren't that great. But as I say, Moving to Docker seemed to do the trick.


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