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  1. It would be nice if I could scan a single library instead of all libraries. This could allow some users (me) to avoid spinning up every disk that contains a library.
  2. I have installed the newest Emby Server on my DS 415+. The DS does not go to deep sleep anymore. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot woody76
  3. chattojimnow

    Minimise black lines

    Like in Kodi could emby theatre have a minimize black lines that are created when the ratios aren't correct for the movie.
  4. For android tv I see the zoom on livetv which is great but would like this ability on playing recordings. Typically needed when I have SD recordings. Great job by the way... emby has really progressed in the past 6 months. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  5. I have many TV series which I've watched, deleted all videos, and am waiting for the next series to start. I've no interest in seeing these empty folders, and they clutter up my interface. I'd say about 80% of my folders currently have no content. Can we have a switch on the library to ignore folders with no video files? When the series starts again these would then be picked up by the scan, and the series would appear again. It seems silly to have folders without content available shown.
  6. chattojimnow

    Request VR theatre

    Think it would be cool and a great addition to have a Emby VR. It could be a cross between the vr theatre and maybe netflix so that emby could stream into a virtual room skin. letting you watch 3d and local media through the emby server on vr oculus.
  7. Hi, I'd like an option in parental control of each user that says Allow content with tags: (similar to how Plex does it) in addition to the existing Block content with tags: Since I guess these would conflict with each other if used at the same time, I think it'd be great to have a select box where you can choose either option, and then under it a text field to write the tags in, and a note under it saying "Please seperate with commas". Thanks! Also, am I missing something? Is there no easy way to apply metadata to multiple items at once? Like a tag or a custom rating? It's quite tedious to go through every item individually.
  8. There are several shows that I record that I watch and delete straight away. Sometimes I don't watch two or three episodes, then watch them back to back and delete. I've seen this option on DVRs where you can set it to keep a certain number (that you can choose), then it will start deleting the oldest recording, keeping the 'X' number most recent recordings. It would be great if this option were available in the individual show timer. So we don't have to worry about deleting the shows we don't intend to keep.
  9. I have 2 or 3 people who log into my server and they all have very different tastes. I think it would be a nice feature to be able to tailor their experiences a bit. Maybe with an extra widget on the home screen, "Latest Movies", followed by "Recommended for You" or something. Say Greg is a big horror fan, and I just got the original Halloween. I'm using TimeLord, so it'll leave the "Latest Movies" widget and be off the home screen. I could then select Halloween, recommend to... and select the user. This would also be nice if anyone has requests. If I end up buying a movie that another user really wants to see, I can recommend it to them and have it front and centre.
  10. Can we please have streaming bitrate added to the below info... It would help when troubleshooting. I know FPS is on there some times... not sure what makes that info populate.. But anyway a streaming bitrate would be awesome! If a user complains that the video is skipping I can quickly tell from my end if its the server or not, without having to dig through the transcode log.
  11. I've seen a few other posts that resemble this issue, and rather than hijack those threads I figured I should post my own. A few weeks ago I noticed that one of my TV shows was listing every episode in every season twice. After a bit of poking around, it looks like about 50% of my TV shows are doing this, the others still show up fine. My TV library only pulls from one location. Looking at the details of the episodes that are duplicated, it shows that the path is exactly the same, other than the server name being capitalized in one and not the other. Also the "added date" is different. I tried removing my TV library and re-adding it, but all this did was make a few more TV series have the duplication problem that weren't having it before. This may be why the added date is different now. At this point I can still watch TV, but it's annoying to have my episode lists all messed up. Is there any insight into what is going on? I will post screenshots, and attempt to post the latest log file. But the log file is over 10MB, so not sure if the forum will allow me to post it... Metadata manager for one Episode 1 Metadata manager for the "other" Episode 1 How it shows up in webview How they show up in WMC Library...only one file path Path substitution...seems correct to me EDIT: yeah, my log file won't attach...file size is too large. Is there a way around this?? Thanks!!
  12. I manage and update my music playlist files (.m3u) with a separate program. With the help of this nifty 3rd party app I am able to import these into Emby Server, but its not as easy/fast as I would like. I'd like to see some sort of [playlist file] <-> [emby playlist name] auto-import configuration page/scheduled task. That would be sweet
  13. I think it would be cool to be able to recommend shows or movies to the other users on the server, and then have a category called "Recommend Movies" and "Recommended Shows" and it would say which user recommended it.
  14. Hi, not sure how to word this one, sorry if it's clumsy. if I go to a folder that contains movies (in Emby Server) the first thing I see is 'Suggestions' I would rather just see the contents of the movies in that folder. Likewise with TV, instead of first seeing 'Suggestions' I would rather see the Shows that are in that folder. Personally, I find suggestions unhelpful (and annoying) but I understand that other users might like them, so if they could just be pushed along a bit so I am not forced to see them, that would be nice!
  15. My users love the suggested series and movies in all the different clients. One thing them and I have been after for a real long time is to not show watched movies/series in these suggestions. We have already watched it so there is really no point to have these taking up room when there is plenty other things to pick from for suggestions that I'm sure are unwatched. Was hoping it could be a toggle in user preferences area similar to having the watched items appear in latest media toggle that is currently there so that way each user can set this how they want. Thank you.
  16. Crysallis

    Emby and Trakt.tv

    I'm not sure where to start with this... I have Emby Version 3.0.5934.0 (currently) and I'm using the Trakt.tv plugin... now.. I have been using the combo for quite some times.. ( versions aside ) I've posted on the trakt.tv site.. I've posted on the trakt.tv github page.. now I'm posting here.. everything I do is duplicated... and I've "noticed" recently that the duplication is not only what's reported to trakt.tv but also in the Recent Activity... this isn't to say it hasn't been showing up the whole time.. I just never looked there I've kind of at a loss here.. all my trakt.tv data is completely wrong.. as it shows I watched everything twice... at the same time.... this has literally been going on for at least a year.. I've uninstall/reinstalled both emby and the plugin many times.. I've run a sync on the plug in.. I'm not sure what else I can do to stop this. When I start a show it says I've started it.. but when I stop it.. it shows I have stopped it twice. (Paste set 1) this also applies to changes I make..(Paste set 2) also a visual of what my dashboard records on trakt.tv when I watch something (Paste set 3) Thanks for any help #Paste set 1 Recent Activity Crysallis has stopped playing The Big Empty 5/18/2016 2:28:38 am App: Roku, Device: Tadis Viewer Crysallis has stopped playing The Big Empty 5/18/2016 2:28:37 am App: Roku, Device: Tadis Viewer Crysallis has started playing The Big Empty 5/18/2016 2:27:49 am App: Roku, Device: Tadis Viewer #Paste Set 2 Crysallis has stopped playing Rush Hour 5/18/2016 2:16:52 am App: Roku, Device: Tadis Viewer Crysallis has stopped playing Rush Hour 5/18/2016 2:16:51 am App: Roku, Device: Tadis Viewer User configuration has been updated for Kathryn 5/18/2016 2:14:41 am User configuration has been updated for Kathryn 5/18/2016 2:14:41 am Crysallis has started playing Rush Hour 5/18/2016 2:12:52 am App: Roku, Device: Tadis Viewer #Paste Set 3
  17. Hi, would be very nice to have valid and signed TLS certificates auto generated with letsencrypt.com for sure, it requires the feature to use a valid DNS name... Cheers
  18. I have a largish music collection (about 64k tracks) however I rarely add to it these days but because Emby knows about it, scans take a lot longer than without it. It would be nice to have an option (tick box or something on the library) something to the effect of "while this is ticked do not include in media scans". So you could do the initial scan, then tick the box to say, don't check this one for any more changes unless I untick the box again or something which still gives you the option to include it again if you add or remove content from that library. Not sure how easy this is or how popular an option it might be, but it's a function that I'd love to see. Hope this makes sense?
  19. Hello, Withing Live TV i get lots of shows recorded and about once a month i go through and deleted all the watched episodes. However, i currently have to do it one episode at a time. Within the multiple selections context menu (for adding to playlist/collection/refresh/...) can an option for delete be added? it would save me a lot of time (and clicking...). And less important, but still helpful would be a way to delete an entire show from the "All Recordings" list as well. Thanks, Erik
  20. Hello all. Wouldn't it be a good idea to have chapters as an external xml file instead of embedded? There is a source for chapter xml files out there and it would avoid some remuxing if you actually want to change your chapters. And while we're at it why not have extracted chapter images be stored along with the media files. Just my 2 cents... Keep up the good work!
  21. When entering a view/library that is not tv or movie, you can select what view and sort setting to use. This is reset the next time you enter the view/library. I think you usually want to use the same view and sort setting for a specific view, so that should be set by default each time you enter the view/library.
  22. PlexRequest like functionality. So users can request TV Shows, Movies, etc. And integrate with Emby, so only users can log into and request stuff. And integration with Sonarr/sickbeard/CouchPotato/etc. Here is PlexRequest, in case anyone is curious: http://plexrequests.8bits.ca/ Either as a stand alone app, or as a plugin to integrate into Emby.
  23. Hi, i would like to request a new feature for emby premium. I would like to limit my users concurrent sessions. If the same user logs in in another device the last one should be disconnected Thanks
  24. So I use auto organize for my shows and love it. My sever is set to download all my favorite shows right after they air so I can watch them even when in places they don't air (For example I'm in Japan right now and got to watch the last 2 episodes of the walking dead on the US schedule so no one got to ruin them for me on facebook) Now, I can also remotely tell my server at home to download movies and music and such. The feature I'm requesting is the ability to add the movies I download while away added into emby so I can watch my new movies on the go as well. Kind of like going into the auto organize activity log you can pick one of the non-moved files in red (Say "Justice.League.vs.Teen.Titans.2016.1080p.BluRay.x264.mp4" for example) and manually identify it (with the imdb# or themoviedb#) and have emby put it in the movie folder and fetch meta and such
  25. Hi, I was looking for an alternative to Schedules Direct for the TV guide (since it doesn't have my country channels) and I found XMLTV. Is it possible to integrate it? Thanks, Bonfi
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