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  1. ElNevera

    Stuttering playback in IE

    Hi After recently updating Emby server, playback via IE on my Xbox one has started to stutter. I have tried all of the available quality settings but they make no difference. The audio is fine but the video stutters constantly. Running the latest stable server release on a windows 8.1 pc. Can anyone help? I've a grumpy 4 year old that wants to watch her films! Cheers Si
  2. I was thinking that it could be helpful to some if we had a single thread where any Xbox One owners could post tips or share how they are interacting with MB3 via IE. There are actually a few different ways of doing it, so I'm sure different users have stumbled upon shortcuts or easier methods along the way. Until there is a proper app, using IE is going to be the only option, so we might as well try to get the most out of it. For myself, I started out using my harmony remote and tried to hunt down whatever IE commands could actually be bound to the remote. It was working alright, but just wasn't very smooth going from content to content. If anyone has found ways to improve the remote control experience, please share. If anyone needs to know more about the commands you can use via a remote, I can repost what I found from other threads. I then started using the Smartglass app on my phone and tablet, which I have settled on as my go to remote control for now. When using it with the X1, its just so much easier to navigate IE vs my Harmony remote. When using MB3 specifically, it also just feels quicker and easier to navigate to the content I want. Heck, using Smartglass allows me to actually use the MB3 search function, so that saves me time right there. I definitely recommend people try out the app for themselves and see if it might work for them.
  3. Just ordered an Xbox One, so just wondering what games people feel are the best to purchase? Also, what accessories and/or apps? Thanks.
  4. godbodian

    Xbox One News...

    Yesssssssssssssssssssssssss!!! http://www.engadget.com/2015/02/18/microsoft-xbox-one-app-development-sdk-preview-rumor/ http://www.theverge.com/2015/2/17/8050743/microsoft-xbox-one-apps-sdk-plans Anyone??? (http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/1628-xbox-app-plans/?p=87328) Oh and can you add an entry into the Xbox One cable guide whilst working on the Universal app please and thank you? Kinda like this... LOL
  5. Looks like MS will be opening up the Xbox One SDK to developers this year: http://www.theverge.com/2015/2/17/8050743/microsoft-xbox-one-apps-sdk-plans This will be very interesting! Can't wait. CFC
  6. I seem to have an issue where everything that is sent to my xbox one Media Play via Media Browser DLNA is transcoded. I have set up xbox one DLNA profile, but no joy. I was wondering if anyone had set up path substitutions from the server to xbox one? Apparently we can: "map a path on the server to a path that clients are able to access. By allowing clients direct access to media on the server they may be able to play them directly over the network and avoid using server resources to stream and transcode them."
  7. grizlyadams

    webm error message on x1

    Hi, a friend, remote to my MBS, trying to play back on an xbox one (which was previously working) is getting an error saying ie needs webm to play the video . . . any ideas? thanks
  8. Well this is the news I was waiting for. Can't wait to see the store app on the Xbox One! http://www.windowscentral.com/windows-10-will-allow-developers-bring-new-apps-xbox-one
  9. server-63549149432.zipFor some reason after the last update these files no longer play. I can send the request directly from the file in windows explorer by right clicking on it and clicking send to a DLNA device and it works. If I use the web browser or the app and request it to cast to a device or my Xbox one it does not work. It only has this issue with files that are 1080p HD WMV (WMV3). I can play WMV3 files but only if they are 720p. The 1080p ones are the ones which wont play. I even tried to use the Xbox One media player and I can see my movies but once again when I try to play A WMV HD file that is 1080p, then the Xbox gave me a message stating that " the file format may be unsupported , the file extension may be incorrect, or the file may be corrupted". The file is fine and does play to the xbox one and other devices using other programs but just wont work when I use the media server for casting. It worked before but for some reason after the recent updates it stopped playing those files. I also cannot play the files thru the browser or app on Android but I can cast to pcs running Media Browser classic and it works fine. Everything use to work until the last updates. Please Help!
  10. schmitty

    Xbox One DLNA Media Player Preview

    Hi, I am enrolled in the Xbox One Preview Program, and have access to the Media Player - Preview app. The app now supports DLNA, but when I open it, it can't find the Media Browser DLNA server. Is there something I have to set up in Media Browser Server for the app to be able to see the server?
  11. SikSlayer

    Xbox One App

    I just saw on a forum, and then went looking on my friends list, that a Plex app IS in the hands of a lucky few.
  12. Lee2010

    Xbox One DLNA not playing

    So I am trying to initiate play back on my Xbox One via the Web interface, and the Windows Modern App. Whn I try to the xbox launches Xbox Video and then just sits with a black screen before eventually just going to it's home page. Here are the logs from my Server: Any ideas?
  13. http://www.engadget.com/2014/04/02/universal-windows-apps-on-xbox/ Hopefully there aren't a lot of hurdles to jump through to get the Windows 8 MB3 app on the XBox One
  14. swhitmore

    Xbox One

    So it looks like Dell might have leaked some more info on the Xbox One. http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/sna.aspx?c=us&cs=19&l=en&s=dhs&~topic=xbox-one If this is true, a MB3 app running on the Xbox One would be huge. It would be great if we could get some devs interested in the Windows 8 app again. I would be happy to help with design (if I can make some time).
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