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Media Browser Theater Preview 1: The Item List




There may not have been a lot of public activity on the MBT development side for a while, but behind the scenes, there has been some significant movement. Media Browser Theater is currently going through a significant architectural re-write. Most of the changes are there to make the developer's lives easier, while also greatly improving the extensibility of the software (to support themes and more powerful plugins in the future). However, there are also major changes to the GUI incoming.


This post is the first in what will be a series which will give you a preview of what is to come. It will be quite a while before this work is ready for release.


New Item List Page





  • A new look
  • Smooth scrolling
  • Indexed skip list
  • Home/End and Page Up/Page Down to skip through items
  • Dark and Light themes

Some of these were requested quite a lot, so hopefully a few of you will appreciate their inclusion.


Video Preview



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So is this is why there hasn't been listed in the way of updates on Github? Hehehe, great to see all this.

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Take your time. I'd rather wait for a solid, well-architected product that will finally replace my use of WMC than have one that is all style and no substance.

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With nice LiveTV, I will put Windows Media Center to the trashcan :-)

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Great to hear that theater is getting attention.  Thanks for the update.  Everything shown looks great.

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Fantastic work, this team works extremely hard! Building an entire program from the ground up is not easy, probably why plex just borrowed xbmc ground work. Amazing job by the team.

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Stoked to get this new version! Love the work you guys are doing.

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Looks great.   I'm eager for a new version.  If we have a way to sort or see by Genre, that's the thing I'm really after!

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Hell Knight


Can't wait to see the new version - my only real issue with the current version is the fact that the latest TV episodes are listed in front of the 'next up' ones on the home screen, which can lead to spoilers from the thumbnails - easy fix with a theme of course.


I've been supporting Media Browser for years and you've come a long way - Keep up the good work guys:)

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Looks good, pretty much i would love MBT to be simlar to the web design.  As the web design is awesome!!

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Bring this quality of app to xbox one with the ability to play full HD BD rips natively with HD audio, PGS subs, etc and I'd pay $500 for it. :)

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Getting impatient again for this.  Ever since MBT properly started opening on my second screen, I've been using it much more, which is when I started craving the fast browsing (jump to list?) that I see in your preview.  Looks amazing.  Any more teasers?  I'm guessing a bulk of what you are doing is under the hood.  Either way, I really appreciate the vast amount of work and re-work you are doing to make this a top notch product.

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