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Sunset on MB2 Supporter Keys is June 1st 2014




Beginning June 1st, we will be removing support for previous MB 2 Supporter keys in the MB 3 Server and removing this field from the product.


As long as you get your MB 2 key in before this date, you will get credit for any MB 2 registrations. After that time, it won't be possible to enter the old key and the system will stop checking against the old database.


We aren't making this move to try and take anything away but the old MB 2 database is being shut down and we want to remove this additional complexity from the current product. The need for this field should be very small at this point so it is just a point of confusion for new users going forward.


So, if you've been dragging your feet on making the move over to MB 3, I suggest you go ahead and do it :).

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Regardless of this June 1st deadline, MB2 will continue to run normally on my setup?


I fetch my metadata, artwork, people images etc thru Media Center Master, and given the NEO theme has not been folded into MB3, I don't really have a reason to make the swap just yet. Have been running MB3 Server/Theater/Classic on test PC and want to wait until ya further down the track. The only reason I would make the swap would be if iPad support is fully developed with browse & launching of external player included.


Don't get me wrong think the change to MB3 is great, but I'm just really attached to the NEO theme and MCM as my fetcher.

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I just setup a new HTPC with MB3 Classic and Neo theme - it looks identical to my main HTPC which still has MB2 and Neo theme.

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The last time I tried it 1 week ago it was still a Beta version that said in it's info page that is was unlikely to be developed further? Has this changed? When I ran side by side on 2nd PC with MB2 version is definitely wasn't identical.

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I missed this deadline. And my MB2.6.2 installation went kaput this weekend while away on vacation. I came back to find it completely missing from my WMC. Last night I saved the supporter key, installed MB3, tried the supporter key, and had no luck. So does this mean I just got boned or is there a way to re-verify my old key? I still have the e-mail from when I donated. Please help!


Edit: I should add that everything worked flawlessly for nearly two years until it crapped out. Never needed to visit the forums and I never got an e-mail notifying me of this deadline, just came to find that everything is broken AFTER the deadline.

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Ok, so if I get that right, I have to pay again for plugins, that I already paid for? 

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