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Windows 8.1 app gets another update




New release, v1.5.1


Glad to announce that today we've released a new version of the Windows 8.1 app.

This time it’s mostly about playback and minimizing the the server cpu usage.

Thanks to changes made in the server on the latest release combined with changes in the app we can now play mp4’s and avi’s directly without the need to transcode nor remux if the codecs are supported natively.

That means that we now also support ac3 5.1 audio. J

We’ve also improved the Playback OSD to give you information on Codecs/Resolution and wether we Transcode, Remux or Directplay

If you’re already using the app, make sure to change your settings for transcoding to max to fully test the new playback features. (Charms menu -> Settings -> Streaming)


Other news:

Local trailers for movies.

Improved musicplayback view with seeking

Backdrop image on actors view.


And thanks to our translators we’ve also added new languages,

The app now also supports Russian, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Czech and German.


You can get the app from here: http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/app/media-browser/ad55a2f0-9897-47bd-8944-bed3aefd5d06

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