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Emby for LG Smart TVs 1.0.18 Released



A new release of Emby for LG is currently rolling out. Here are the highlights:


New Detail Screen Button Design


A new and improved detail screen design matches our layout in other Emby apps and makes the most important features easier to find.




Other Highlights

  • Improved subtitle playback
  • Improve sorting and filtering to match capabilities of other Emby apps
  • Improve navigation performance
  • Tags now displayed on detail screens



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Recommended Comments

It's painfully slow.


This app is now taking 2-3 minutes to begin doing anything with no way to control anything from the TV.

Casting from a phone via the server is practically instant, so I guess I'll have to stick with that.

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Is there any way how on Sansumg TV the LG APP be installed via USB stick?

Existe alguma forma de como na Sansumg TV o APP da LG ser instalado via pendrive?


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